There are some who can live without wild things, and some who cannot.
— Aldo Leopold

Upcoming Talks

When Good Plants Go Bad:  Invasive Plants in Cape Breton Cape Breton Naturalists:  April 12 Wednesday at 7 pm in the McConnell library, Sydney  

How We Live with Nature:  The Habitat Network Project  Baddeck Library: May 4 Thursday at 6:30 pm  (Link)

The Fascination of Plants: Musings on our Relationship with the Other Kingdom Annual Meeting of the 

Nova Scotia Association of Garden Clubs Provincial Meeting June 2 Inverary Inn Baddeck 




Current Photography Work   

*Please note these sites contain adult content and take you to a new window. 

 Gurushots A world-wide online contest we use to evaluate content for stock and public appeal.

Viewbug Another contest site of higher artistic caliber.

Both sites have contests that average more than 10,000 entries.  


The Christmas Bird Count is the largest data set of winter bird inventory there is.  It is an international effort where tens of thousands of volunteers get out on a day between Dec. 15 and Jan. 4.  Every bird found within a 24 km circle is counted.  This is a citizen science project coordinated by Bird Studies Canada, the Audubon Society, and The Cornell Ornithological Institute.  David and I coordinate, recruit, and collate in the Baddeck Circle.  The link takes you to our Facebook Group.


Habitat Network is another citizen science effort that is a win-win collaboration between landowners who want to take an active role in improving their land for the benefit of its owner the native ecology and the world.  Our work got the attention of the site leaders, who featured our home (out of 26,000 properties) on Facebook and an article written by us here.

Garden Design work is based on the latest science, respect for, and improvement of native ecosystems.  We take clients who are interested in having more than just "pretty" for themselves, but who are enlightened enough to understand that we are not the only inhabitants of the planet.   

Presentations We give talks on the following:  Invasive Plants, Helping Birds, Garden Design, Gardening for Nature, Littering in Cape Breton, and What is Citizen Science?   These all focus on working on global issues in our own back yard and taking responsibility for changing values right here and now.

Writing Is a daily compulsion and can be on anything, but usually the result of researching an issue carefully.  Numerous publications in Garden Periodicals, newspapers, and magazines with national publication in the US and Canada.

Citizen Science Projects Spruce Budworm Monitoring, Christmas Bird Count, World Bird DayBat Reporting, Wildflower


Local and Personal History Projects

Marble Mountain Memories   A Photo Tribute to a community in the heart of Cape Breton that still retains the feeling of the "old days".  

Katherine (Kay) French Pancoast   Remembrance of an amazing ceramics artist whose time was before the internet.   

Bell and Baddeck:  It Takes a Village   A tribute to the wonderful people who assisted Alexander Graham and Mabel Bell and who assist to this day, the family to continue their legacy. 

Call Quimby  A site for my husband David Hayes Quimby.  A gifted carpenter/contractor/problem solver, and a serious photographer in his own right.